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5 Things we must avoid doing when sharing the Gospel with others.

Sharing the gospel to the lost is a privilege that God has shared to us by Love. Imagine what an honour it is to participate in the work of reconciling people back to God and the spiritual gain it brings to the overall body of Christ.

Sharing Jesus is also a responsibility that we must steward and grow in and only by growing in Love can this happen.

The Bible shares how  the heavens rejoice every time a single soul is brought to God- Love!! And we share in that celebration. 
The moment you lead someone to the Lord, it can be a joyous occasion unlike any other. Sure there are no fireworks, but deep down there is that joy that bringing a message of salvation gives.
Yet the delight of sharing the Gospel also comes with some"no no's.
"There are great ways to share the love of Christ,but there are also some practices that we as messengers of God should follow.

Here are five of the most commonly committed mistakes in sharing the gospel that we should avoid according to Christian Today which I properly selected and developed them.

1.Don't call them"unsaved."
The gospel may come across as offensive to non- Christians because it tells people just how sinful they are and how they need a Savior because they cannot redeem themselves.
The last thing an Evangelist wants to do is offend a person some more by calling them "unsaved".It's true that the person is"lost,"but one doesn't have to hear it from you.
- Do not call them Unsaved... Its Man's duty to love and not to call; only God calls. We're only being given a name- Jesus that in His name every kneel must bow. We weren't given the names to name anyone- unsaved!! The conversion of a sinner to son is a process and Love is patient
(I Corinthians 13:4).
You are not to convict a sinner, its the work of the holy-spirit. Your duty is to take the holy-spirit to them in love- permit me call it Anointing by Communication (Smiling).

The Holy-spirit has three major function:
(a) The Holy-spirit in the world after Jesus ascended into Heaven- Convicts.
(bHoly-spirit in us- The Comforter
(cHoly-spirit upon us- Confessing and bearing witness that we're Sons of God.

2.Don't try to change them
Although God has called us to participate in the work of bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth, it was never assigned to us to bring change to the person's life. Only God can do that. After leading a person to God, the last thing they want to hear is a list of"Dos and Don'ts.

"It's important however that they know what is right or wrong,so in order to teach them God's laws encourage a convert instead to read the Bible and find out for themselves.

-Even Moses did not give the Israelites commandments, God did. In the absence of Love( and presence of anger) as your emotional life must be filled with something-Anger, love, Joy etc He broke the tenets while coming down... He has tried changing the Israelites but that's not his Job to do but GodIt's the same thing we do when we try to give a list of dos and dont's
We only participate in the sharing of the gospel, we don't convict/ force the Gospel- Its the Gospel of the Lord. Remember He owns the hearts of kings and Chiefs.

3.Don't scare them
It's common for Christians to try to convert loved ones by "scaring them out of hell."This is not how the Gospel works. Instead,the Gospel is a story of the love of God that drove out the fear and consequence that comes from sin.

-Let them know all they need to do are simple!
They just have to confess Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Even all they need is just a seed-of-mustard faith and mountains will move into the seas at their pronouncements.
Try as much as possible not to sweet-mouth the Gospel. Give them the truth but scare them not.

4.Don't neglect their ideas
At first,recent converts will have a lot of ideas,and a lot of them will be theologically wrong.
It's important to listen to them and hear their side instead of debunking their thoughts,it's best to try asking them why they believe in such instead.
We can provoke people into godliness,but we can never force them in to it through shooting down ideas.

5.Don't debate with them
Lastly, it's important that encounters with those who are hungry for the Gospel should not turn into debates. When an atheist or non-Christian does not believe at first,respect their decision and accept their rejection of the  message of Christ .Again,it is not up to you to change the person.
Instead of debating with a person,offer to pray for him or her instead or pray for him other on your own time if they refuse.

- Just like Apostle Paul let us present ourselves weak to the weak (I Corinthians 9:22) that we might gain them also. They are hungry to hear why and how they are wrong, how do i know this? They have taken their time to listen to you all through that they want to argue their view as the best. Do remember they do have a believe before at hand but let them know there is no other to the Father(God) but Jesus!!

I doubt there is a greater love you can show in this season of Love than preach the gospel and win souls.
I Love you with the Love of God and I want to believe you are on the Lord's side. If not I celebrate my Valentine with you today by urging you to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour. 

Will you be my Val? 
Will you let me lead you to Jesus Christ? 
You can reach me on any of the social platforms on the blog... I bet you won't regret it.

Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi

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