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Why many don't have lasting success 1.
Happy new week blog reader's.
Last week we talked about what our motivation should be- Excellence or Money? If you missed it, check it out here.

This week I want to discuss lasting success with you and why many don't have it. I will adopt some point from Pastor Sunday Adelaja and I will introduce some other two to you in the course of the month.
Have it:

There can be no doubt that excellence begats success and it demands that you step out of your comfort zone which not too many people are willing to do.  It is the unwillingness to step out of one’s comfort zone that keeps most people mediocre. It is that same unwillingness that reduces people to only want to make the money without the excellence.  

That is why people want to attain position without paying the price of excellence.  
Any kind of success attained this way will be short lived.
A promotion attained through excellence though, endures for generations and generations to come.

 In the long run, it makes better sense to pay the price of discomfort and attain the height of excellence rather than maintaining the status quo without leaving your comfort zone.

“Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what
we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.” ― Aristotle

Yes, you could occupy the position, make the money, but you would not leave an enduring legacy.
In most cases you would still have to leave that comfort zone at a time you least expect it and at a cost you are not willing to pay.

Anyhow you look at it, paying the temporary price of discomfort and getting the reward of excellence is always better than enjoying the status quo of a comfort zone which you will eventually lose anyway.

Apart from bringing you out of your comfort zone, excellence demands from you preparation and training. Nobody attains excellence without the necessary process of preparation and training.
That is what you do when nobody sees you.
It is the rigors of self-education that you go through while others play. It is the pain of self- preparation that you engage in while others are partying.

Preparation and training are those things you do in the solitude of your studies when others are basking in the sun on the beach.
Ladies and gentlemen, there is no excellence without preparation and training.
It is what you do in secret that determines your public manifestation.
Those hours of preparation are never in vain. There will be a handsome reward to you sometime in the future.

When your training and preparation is constant enough to lead to excellence.

One day:
Excellence will elevate you.
Excellence will crown your efforts. Excellence will bring about your celebration.
Excellence will lay a table before you, in the presence of your colleagues, after they come back from their sun bathing.

“To become successful, do the little extra things that ordinary people refuse to do. The little extra hard work, little extra practice, little extra studying and the little extra positive attitude.” ― Archibald Marwizi

Till next week when i will be bringing to you another reason many people don't have lasting success.

You don't birth Excellence(Lasting Success) in your comfort zone, there you excel-less.
Do have an excellent week.
Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi.
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