What I learnt in a Minster's Conference that made me lose my Fire 🔥 !!!

Good Morning Family. If you have been missing out on our monthly events, now is the time to do more than just read right here electronically but fellowship with us. Details of meetings are mostly updated on the facebook page. Do well to follow us. With a heavy heart I will be bringing to this platform some soul stirring posts from random and anonymous authors and readers with emphasis added. Do follow up on this and I pray the Holy Spirit himself will minister to you. - Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi.

I open this week long electronic discussion with this:

TIAG 1.0: Covenant of Life Conference 2016.
- A conference of Power & Fire -
Come join the family of those that hunger & thirst.
The first speaker came up and told us to stop sitting idle at home, in the name of studying bible, praying and fasting... That we should start looking for businesses to enter, to raise money to help God's work in our hands...

The second speaker came up and spoke on the need for young ministers to start having international exposure early... Therefore, that we should start looking for visa to go abroad if not, people will not respect us.

I got home and stopped looking for God and started looking for money. I began to get involved in every business that comes. All to help the vision God gave me. I started looking for visas and international connections.

Everyday online, looking for who will invite me abroad... And guess what?

The money started coming. I began to dress better and more expensively. The international contacts started coming. People began to say that I was doing well. Some began to envy me because of how I used to wield money. They said the Lord was too good to me. But they did not know that the Fire had gone ...

I was no more a problem in hell.... apprentice witches and wizards began to play with people around me.
Before, any time I carry the microphone, before minutes, the heavens will open and the Presence of God will be everywhere. But when I began to have more money and more nice shoes and suits, I will have to struggle for long before the heaven will open a bit. 

Before, when I used to go out with any kind of cloth I want, I don't use to preach to a sinner for long before he will be broken and I will lead him back to Christ but with all my big phones and nice perfumes and costly shoes, I began to struggle to win someone to Christ.

There was money. There were international open doors... but the Fire had gone. I know you are already a superstar sir. Therefore, I am not talking to you. I am talking to local champions like me.
I am not talking to those that knows what they are doing. I am talking to people like me who doesn't know what they are doing. 

If God will not provide for the assignment He gave me, sir, I will not kill myself. 
If He will not sponsor it,then, know that the vision did not come from Him.

We need money to build nice auditorium for God, yes sir... It is true... But we need Power more than we need money. A furnished auditorium where there is no power of God will be depending on drama groups and dancers to bring people back to church the next Sunday...

Let them keep looking for money. Sir, let's go and look for POWER. Let them come online everyday, begging people to bring them abroad. Let's keep bruising our knees, looking for Power. When God will use you to heal a known mad man in the streets, people will troop to your church the next Sunday, without minding if there is gallery or not. 

Jesus asked them:

" When I sent you out, did you lack anything " 

They did not go to buy and sell to sponsor God's work in their hands. They went with the Power of God and a man who is loaded with the Power from on high cannot lack anything. That last minister's conference Jesus had with his disciples, He told them: " And ye shall receive Power........ "

  • He knew that they needed money... But He also knew that money could not have helped Philip to bring revival to heathen Samaria.
  • He knew that the cripple at the beautiful gate had been receiving money from pastors for many years,yet he was still a burden to his people...
  • He knew that what Peter and John needed to give him was POWER...
  • Jesus remembered that Prophet Jonah did not enter Nineveh with money. He entered with the Power of God and a whole city surrendered their shrines. Even newborn babies and animals prayed and fasted for 3 days.

No amount of money would have brought revival to Nineveh and No amount of money can bring revival to our sin - addicted cities. 
The church in our time is boasting of money. We are boasting with Fireless auditoriums and unction-less titles. But the early church boasted with the Power. No wonder native doctors were even offering money to buy the Power of God. But unfortunately, we are now hiring native doctors to come inside our well decorated auditoriums to raise money for us.

If we still have the Fire, we would not need boys that sleeps in burial grounds for power to come and bring money out from our members.
  • Is that not why our members are the ones patronizing all the false prophets in the area?
  • Is there any secret society one will not see the names of our committed members?

They are looking for answers, since there is no more bread in the house of bread. In America and Europe, they are now serving tea and bread...So that people will not get bored and leave the church.
In some places, they even pay people to come to church. Beautiful cathedrals, with nice interiors.... But the Fire has gone.... What an Ichabod!

That is what happens when a generation of ministers abandoñes the Fire in search of the praises of men.

Thank God for degrees, money, titles etc..
But sir, if these things will quench the little Fire I can see in my heart, please, away with them.
Man of God, yes, apostle Paul did tent making business at some time to fix his needs... But that man never depended on his business for all his missionary expenses, God raised people that helped His work in his hands.

If you are the one paying the bills of all your meetings, it means God is not with you.

  • How much would Evangelist Reinherd Bonkee had worked for, to raise the money for his worldwide crusades that lasted for over 3 decades?

 What kind of business can give you such money? 
But that man sort God for Power and he got it without measure and God raised men to carry the burden for him.

  • Apostle Paul went to the mountains of Arabia to look for God.
And he grew in Power... He had found Power before we saw him doing tent for sustenance. At that time he raised the dead, healed sicknesses and brought revivàl to cities.
You are looking for a big car to start using when you cannot command small demons to run and they will obey.
You have abandoned your prayer altar and now, you are looking for money to do God's work in your hands. Sir, go back to your knees... Heaven will soon show up...
Bible says: through the greatness of thy power your enemies shall submit unto you...(Psalms 66:3)
And one of your enemies is poverty... When that Power comes, poverty will be broken ... because it is God that gives you the POWER to make wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Stop being distracted Sir, Look for God. When we find Him, a time will come when we will have too much money that we will start investing into many other businesses.

A politician has a lot of money, Therefore, He will not follow you because of your money or cars or international exposures but when God uses you to heal his daughter from an incurable disease, he will have no choice but to bow to the God you are carrying ...
Such testimonies were everyday occurrences in the days of my fathers, when members, not even their pastors used to raise the dead everywhere they go, and they were feared everywhere. But unfortunately, in our time, we don't hear such testimonies again because all everybody talks about in our churches today is money!!

And some of us who saw what God used the generatioñ of our fathers to do are now asking: "WHERE IS THE POWER OF GOD? IF GOD IS STILL WITH US, WHERE ARE THE MIRACLES?"

Brother, go ahead and start looking for money. You can be online and onland looking for visas, but I know that there are men and women who are crying day and night. They go foodless and sleepless, waiting for the promise of the Father. They don't want to talk too much to this stubborn generation.

Take your church politics away. They don't care about such godless networks, You can transfer them from one small church to another smaller church. They will not be moved because they are looking for Power. They want that thing Peter got that made his shadow to be heàling the siçk, Kathryn Khulman carried that same THING. Smith Wigglesworth was a commander of that same THING.

Others were looking for big church postings while T.L Osborn separated himself in search of that same THING. When he caught IT ...He carried IT to all the continents of the world, raising countless dead and healing all manner of incurable diseases...

Friend, when they bring a dying child to you, your business certificate will not be needed. 
Jesus was not just the WISDOM of GOD. He was also the POWER OF GOD. Let's look for HIM. 

I am sure that talkatives will not have any place to stand on in this end time. I am  hungry for GOD'S POWER AND AM GONE LOOKING FOR IT. How about you??

If you you have already gotten that Power, please, pray for , your hungry friend.

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