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Islam is not our Problem: Say NO to Babylonian Transactions going on in our pulpits today 2

Watch Out for our 2017 Reviving Event, details coming your way soon.
If this is the generation that will usher in a move of God in our days, then those who have not forgotten what they saw in the church in the 80's and 90's must not keep quiet in a time like this

The greatest hindrance of revival in our time is not Islam, the pulpit in our time is the greatest enemy of the expected move of God  in our days !

If not for the decline of truth on the pulpits in our time, long ago, we would have seen what we saw in the days of our fathers and now we are blaming Muslim fanatics, who are defending with their lives what they believe in.

When else are we going to see young men from our churches, after hearing our messages, getting so angry in the spirit that they make up their minds to convert 10 Muslims to Christianity every month month and the next place you will see them will be in camps or mountains, preparing, praying for Power but how can we hear such when the only thing we teach them is about how to be rich and how to suspect and detect enemies? 

I am tired of hearing testimonies of miracle jobs some of our ladies slept with company directors to get. I am tired of seeing car dedications my brothers used fraudulent businesses to buy. When are we going to start dedicating converted souls on our Sunday mornings?
 Lord, where are all the men that saw what we saw in the days of our fathers?
This is not the time to keep quiet.
This is not the time to care about who likes or hates you.
If there is a time to beg for pulpit, soldier, it is a time like this!

No pulpit hosted John the Baptist!!!
They preached against him that he was old fashioned and that he was envying them who were running 10 services a Sunday, that because he doesn't get any like or comment on his facebook wall, that he is jealous of them that have huge online followership that because he is not anointed and that is why nobody was hosting him in their churches but brother, when his time came and he began to roar from the wilderness, those demonic General Overseers who were using marine powers to run ministry knew that indeed, in every generation, God has a breed He is preparing.

Yes, they knew that "there was a man sent from God"... 

Man of God, if you were sent from God, why are you allowing yourself to be influenced by men who were 'sent from Bible schools' ? 
Some of the men you are competing with in ministry were 'sent from demonic covens in some parts of Africa'. 

If we came from God, let us look more for God, He will soon show up.

You are almost getting to the time when members of many 'mega' churches will be secretly and openly coming to you, to hear this gospel from your mouth because they would have gotten tired of fake testimonies that leaves them powerless and very vulnerable. 

Men who have not bowed to baal are very few in our days.
Men who have not sold out their souls for mammon are rare to find.
Now that we are here, God depends on you for this end time work.

Why are you bothered because someone somewhere is calling you names online? Churches are everywhere around us, yet, there is a spiritual famine in Africa. The power of the gospel is suffering bankruptcy in our time. This is not the same gospel the apostles preached. Something has happened to the Word of God in our mouths. We are only showing the form of godliness, but hell has hijacked the power thereof... ...... and in our carnality, we are celebrating strange Fires...  Polluted Fire!  Moribund Fire! but I know that God will never leave Africa this way!

If the pulpit has failed, then He will bypass us and go down to the pew and raise people for Himself.
If our pews have become so frozen, He will go outside. He will look for drunkards and prostitutes, He will get hold of witches and wizards, and those arm robbers on the highways. He will Clean them up and fill them up with Himself and use them mightily in this end time.

Yes, if those who came out from Bible schools are now using their certificates to raise only funds, God will bypass them and use those who has not gone to Bible schools.

This is the most critical time since the world began. Islam is preparing to take over nations, they are putting funds together which  they will use to buy churches and pay their staff off. In few years from now, if there is no genuine revival, many of our members today would have become Muslims. You will see many pastors who will convert their churches into mosques, for a huge financial reward. 

That time is not far. Has it not even started? When a pastor is collecting powers to grow his church from a Muslim native doctor, is that not handing over the Fire to the children of the bond woman? 

Think about these words.
For the Love of the Kingdom.
Covenant of Life Academy.

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