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What if Christians are their problems and not the pulpit!

 Say NO to Babylonian Transactions going on in our pulpits today III

The days we are in is terrible God knows and that is why He is raising an army that will stand to defend the gospel that was handed over to us, even if they have to lose everything for it.

Remember that young man I started this series with?
He came back from the missions field, after a year, and later joined the Bible school, became a pastor and God used him to win communities for Jesus. Before my eyes, I saw God using him to sack evil spirits out from villages. His name became a terror in that area, to the point that deities began to complain about how his presence in the community had rendered them powerless... Hallelujah! 

Those are the kind of testimonies we were hearing everyday in the days of our fathers that we want to be hearing again in our time. But alas, here is Ichabod !

Imagine if every church in every community can boast of 10 of such members!
Imagine when many of our followers would have gotten broken enough, by God, that they don't mind what they lose again for God's sake.

Terrorists will no more be bombing our churches because they would have known that already our churches are filled with people who are ready to die, anytime for the gospel.
You don't have to waste your bomb on a man who is already dead! 

But, why they will keep threatening to kill us is because they know that we love our cars and landed properties more than the CHRIST we say that died for us.

Prophet Mohammed was not killed on the Cross shamefully, yet, they can die for him publicly. What would have happened if prophet Mohammed was crucified on the cross? But where are the men and women who claims that Jesus died for them?

It is time to take our Christian life to another level. It is time to get 'fanatical'  about this Kingdom thing. Enough of the prayer topics of: "God give me this and do that for me!"

This weekend, take your friends to the next Street and preach the gospel. Next week, continue with it.
Why are we ashamed to tell people about the Man that conquered the grave?
Why can't we preach about the man that created the heaven and the earth?
Mohammed did not do any single miracle, but his followers are dying for him. He did not raise anybody from the dead....... He died and that was his end...  Yet, they can give everything to spread his belief... !!

How can we be ashamed of Jesus Christ that spoke to the storm and their was peace?
He opened the blind eyes, He interrupted funerals and raised the dead back to life.
Is He not enough to tell people about? 

Did He not do enough to make you let everybody that knows you know that you are not ashamed of the gospel? 

When will you be done with hiding from your friends when you want to speak in tongues, so that they will not laugh at you? 

Why are you ashamed of identifying with the Man who is the hope of the whole world?
As for me, I am done with religion, till I die.......!!!

I cannot stand Christianity by church sticker alone any more .
Jesus did not die for you to only be attending choir rehearsals and changing uniforms every Sunday.

I hope God is not looking at you from heaven now and regretting why He did not let those people  that died of accident to replace you since you are useless to Him on earth...
Many in the hospital now, with few days to live are begging and crying, if God can give them a little more time, that they will preach this gospel under the rain and sun and they mean it.
An healthy you, what will God be saying about you when He sees that they are begging you to go to church?

The time is early enough to ask God for mercy and for Him to revive His walk in your life.
God is looking for people that will risk their lives for Him in our time.
Let it not be that He is preparing someone who is at the point of death in the hospital bed to come and replace you. This is scary... But it is a serious matter! 

Have you not played so much with the opportunities God has given you?
How much longer do we have to be in sin for grace to abound?
The Holy Spirit is speaking to you now,  He is reminding you of your distance from God.

Imagine if you had died in your sins yesterday morning...
You would have gone to hell,  and stay there, from now till the next 2billion years and yet, that will be just the beginning.

Don't be locked out of grace further don't postpone any longer the hour of your salvation.

Right now, hearken to the voice of mercy and where you are sitting is good enough to kneel down and ask God for a revival.

I  am very sure that He will clean you up and give you a new grace to run your race.

There is a Kingdom army rising at Covenant of Life. Care to join?
Compiled and edited by: Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi
Covenant of Life Academy

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Dispensationalism is a method of interpreting history that divides God’s work and purposes toward mankind into different periods of time. Usually, there are seven dispensations identified, although some theologians believe there are nine. Others count as few as three or as many as thirty-seven dispensations. 

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