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The Unseen World

Hebrews 11:3-6(KJV)

Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

At the end of this write-ups, most would term its author either delusional or fictional. But I guess that's what happens when your eyes and understanding opens to realms our normal minds can not fully comprehend. Happy reading!
- Oluwatomisin Oguntolu(Author).

What makes our world beautiful and real is its visibility and solidity. Its relativity to physical things is what appeals to our senses. Apparently our world is made up of tangible things, they are substantial, they are touchable, we are aware of them. The solid ground beneath our feet, we feel the movement of gentle breeze on our skin, we listen and hear different sounds from different source, coupled with the sense of smell and taste - we identify and put name to some things.

We believe our world is real because we can touch, feel, hear, smell, and almost taste it, and everything that doesn't agree with our senses is termed "unreal"  isn't it?
Yes, cool but that's almost true, not entirely though, there are things roaming our world that has no regard for the law or principle of sense. And just because we can't sense them the normal way doesn't mean they don't exist!

Integrated into our world is "another world", it is not fully into ours neither is it fully apart, they don't merge but they coexist, there is what I call "a boundary line" giving a slight but major difference between both worlds. While our dominant is fully physical and evidently appeals to our different sense, this other world is immaterial and oblivious to all mortal sense.

It is not of the mortal world, but it is in the mortal world, it is set apart but not independent just like the mortal world is not independent. They both depend on each other but they don't merge.
It is like a piece of coin that has two sides, each sides are obviously different but both share the coin. On the other side of our world is the unseen world, the invisible world, the immaterial world , the insubstantial world, which I term the energy world.
The law of conservation of energy states the total energy in a closed or isolated system is constant. Thus in such a system, energy can never be created or destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another.

If I understand this principle correctly it means we have energy swirling around us, or should I say an influx of energy which wasn't created because the physical world was made but because the physical world was made out of it. It was here first.

A celestial manipulated the energy that created our world according  to Genesis 1.
Which made me believe the earth did not exist on its own, it was founded out of something - An Energy.

Whoever propounded this theory or law, saw more than human eye could see, he had an understanding that we are not alone here, neither are we independent as we believe.
I would say he got a revelation into the immaterial world. He saw the energy!

This world is closely knitted into ours, so it has a great influence over our own world, it permeates our physical life as well as the spiritual.
Now physically, Scientists have tried all possible best to understand this energy, to tap into its flow around us. But that world is very different from ours, it is unique but not extra-ordinary because it is dependent. It is unseen, it is powerful, it is boundless, it is alive, swirling with incomprehensible amount of energy.It is frightening too, but it exists.
In this world; the unseen world which i have decided to call the energy world lies all possibility.  Why not, because despite our best effort we could only but harness little, and look at what we have accomplished with that little: power, electricity, cutting edge technology, nuclear bombs, atomic bombs, radioactivity, space exploration and so on. Yet there is still a vast ocean of energy around us and we are nowhere close to harnessing its full potential. Nor do we know yet how the immaterial world relates to the material.

The reason our sight is shut to this world is because we want to see it before we believe it. But we cannot feel it because we try to touch it nor can we grasp it because we want to see it, we want to have a detailed if not visible understanding of it. All we do is let our senses lead and that's what stills limits us to the tangible world. We want to understand it first and then work it out, but the truth is our mental faculty cannot fully comprehend that kind of information. It is too alien, too illogical, too strange.

Most times we think we have almost gotten it, at such times it fizzles out of our mind, like water through the finger, we have difficulty grasping it and we are only left with a kind of sensation on our jumbled consciousness.

The immaterial world is a place where all the laws of sense are suspended. Nothing is real or tangible there, but at the same  time it is not an illusion.

Someone once defined energy as "the ability to do work", but it needs a force.
Energy is almost useless if there is nothing to conduct that force?
Energy can't function on its own, for it has no existence of its own, it has to pass through something. There is always a conductor.

As earthlings, we serve as a bridge between both  worlds, we are anchored to the mortal and at the same time connected to the immaterial world, how?
We were made by the celestial to dwell in the  physical, so we have access to both worlds, we are generically linked to both.

But how did the celestial come into the picture?
The celestial are the beings who walk the immaterial world. They are not of the immaterial world. The celestial are spiritual beings who dwell in the immaterial world, in actual fact the immaterial world was created out of the existence of the celestial.

The first mortals who understood the mystery of this world and became conductors, were the Apostles of old. Though most were unlearned but they had an understanding of something more than the scholars of their time. They did fascinating things. These men merge the immaterial and material world together and got raw miracles.They submitted to the energy and did the impossible. They walked both realms, channeling the energy, they were simply conductors.

But how did they do it?
They didn't see, they did look!... And after, they submitted themselves to what they couldn’t see.

I once read somewhere that the best way to see what your physical eyes can't see is to go blind! Shocking right?
But that's just it.

That's the  way to see, understand or even stumble into this world swirling with unfathomable energy.
You just have to see without looking, feel without touching , listen without hearing. Don't let your senses lead. Go in blind! An action like that is called faith. No wonder Paul later talked about it in
2corinthians 5:7 that:
"For we walk by faith, not by sight".   

Sometimes when we are really close to that realm, we feel it, our skin tingles, goosebumps,  there is this exhilaration, a change in the atmosphere it is almost as if it is being charged, a manifestation of the energy world. Especially when we let go of mortality and embrace spirituality, the sensation is always so strong, it almost knocks you off your feet. And at such time , we become the vessels , the conductor, to Chanel that energy into the physical. And voila! The supernatural. Miracles everywhere, the impossible being done. That energy!

When the energy from the immaterial world fuses with the material, there is always a massive explosion of the supernatural.
The energy or the anointing as most call it is real. It is alive, and it is around us, tethered to the unseen world but with the right connection, a pure conductor can channel it.

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