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Will you become a Covenant Life Partner?

Dear Reader,
God has brought us together for a reason and that reason is an Apostolic Kingdom Advancement and your Prophetic destiny. I will love to represent you as I spread His Wisdom to world of the youths and teenagers. Will you become my Faith-Partner?

Your seed is powerful. It can bruise the head of the serpent.When you sow three benefits are guaranteed: Protection(Malachai 3:10-11), Favour(Luke 6:38), Financial Prosperity(Deuteronomy 8:18).
Above all without manipulations, you sow to reap.  You give because you are blessed.

Please note the four levels of partnership and find out the one which best suites you.

  • Foundation Partner: I want to be a foundation partner with a monthly seed-faith as God makes possible.

  • Covenant of Blessing: A seed-faith promise towards our annual events in April,  August and December. 

  • The 5000: I want to be a member of the 5000 with a one-time seed-faith promise of 5000 Naira aimed at the actualization of the transformation of 5000 young adults and youths.

What is this Ministry Involved in? 

1. Digital Institution: 
A blog site for materials aimed at Spiritual, Emotional and Financial (SEF) development which features articles from the Lead partner and other Christian writers.

Though the ministry is not staying put at the blog alone as we have active social  media platforms that should enable us reach out to young Christians in their millions if properly engaged.

2. Covenant of Life Fellowship:
The Fellowship being one of the initiative of the ministry holds her meetings every 3rd Sunday of the month in our centres.
It is a platform where young Christians converge to enable a well cultured environment of believers and access to illumination as regards the central theme of the year for the ministry.

It is also our method of grooming the unchurched and the newly saved Christians.

3. School of the Spirit: 
Covenant of Life host a spiritual school to encourage, illuminate and mentor believers to the person, and companionship of the Holy Spirit.

4. Covenant Readers Club:
An initiative of the ministry  with the intention of cultivating a reading habit in young Christians.

The Bible says God's people perish for lack of Information(Hosea 4:6) and as a ministry  we are up in bridging the gap.

The aim of this initiative is to help build a consistent Academical pattern even outside of spirituality.

5. Thirst:
An annual  event aimed at setting young Christians on fire Apostolically for Kingdom Advancement and prophetically for their destinies.

The event moves to communities and call for an inter-denominational convergence of young ones, this providing a platform for the unchurched and unsaved to be saved and churched.

6. ITLT:
An annual event with the meaning: In Times Like These(ITLT).
The aim of this event is to tackle errors and half truths flying around the body especially on the Social Media.

It's expectation is to get attendees illuminated such that they talk,  see and replicate Ministry from the standpoint of true revelations(discovered).

7. TIAG:
Acronymed There Is A God(TIAG) was our maiden event in the year 2016 and is the only conference for the year.

Its aimed at exposing young Christians to the Spiritual,  Emotional and Financial awareness needed for the projection of the next year ahead.

8. Covenant of Life Academy:
CLA where our Lead Partner and Associates train young ministers who are in ministry or preparing for ministry in a special training program.

  • Discipleship
  • Mentorship 
  • Leadership

9. Project-5000:
This initiative aims at winning, Influencing and establishing 5000 teenagers and youths to the Christ in our  base of operations.

This initiative has been launched at Matogun, Ogun state and we have the leading and intentions to extend this act of love to another community Owode, Ogun State. 

I want to personally invite you to be part of this ministry. 

Remittance of funds can be made to my personal accounts for now (as administrative plans are in progress).

Account Name: Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi 
Bank: GTBank(Savings) 
Account Number: 016 854 0768

Physical remmitance such as books for the Reader's Club can be posted down to our Venue.

I hope you see a reason to partner with us.

Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi 
Lead Partner, 
Covenant of Life. 

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