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Covenant of Life is a non-denominational Christian institution with a blog for SEF(Spiritual, Emotional and Financial) education, initiatives aimed at developing young Christians and an academy for Mentorship, Leadership and Discipleship.

Covenant of Life was birth by a vision to reach out to young people. For the vision to find expressions we came up with the idea of a digital platform to reach out to every young christian and successfully we are making our electronic presence in the digital world with impacts in Countries like: United States, Nigeria, Kenya, Germany, Netherlands, Sudan, France, Indonesia, Belgium, United Kingdom and many more African countries.

Covenant of Life has three arms of operations:
- Covenant of Life Blogs
- Covenant of Life Initiative 
- Covenant of Life academy


Covenant of Life Blogs (CL Blogs):
Out of the quest to reach out, a digital platform was conceived on the 7th of December, 2015. With the name Covenant of Life already received; the blog got her clear description; Covenant of Life Blogs(CL Blogs).

CL Blogs is a reformation/transformation blog with inspirational write-ups aimed at three spheres of life for the growth of everyone out there. 

Sanity and Sanctity preserved, we carve a niche in the areas of the Spiritual, Emotional and Financial with our aim at young people.

CL Blogs is a non-denominational brand with the aim of increasing you. This aim is achieved through our publications as they enlighten you on your SEF (Spiritual, Emotional and Financial).

CL Blogs is the trigger of operations and the identity/brand  of Covenant of Life in the digital world.  You can follow us on social networks using our social buttons, also follow our youtube page to catch a glimpse of what we do.

Care to write or reach us?
E-mail: admin@clblogs.org
Mobile: +234-811-633-0715 (SMS/CALLS/WHATSAPP - 24 Hours Availability).

Covenant of Life Initiative with the acronym CLI is an arm of operation birth out of the non-trading or non-profit nature of the body.  

In response to the  pains and struggles Young Adults pass through globally in Christianity, our arm of operations ensure we responds to these struggles with every young person in mind.

By divine conviction, the initiative passed the test of time on 14th of June, 2016. 

CLI is a family of young believers (Teenagers & Youths)
Practically keeping our esteemed sanctity and sanity, we develop platforms where young adults can inter-denominationally come together to become a non-denomination and the aims of each initiatives are achieved per class. 

Currently we are running six initiatives and a glimpse of them can be caught at the Initiative page.

Do remember we are an Non-denominational gathering and family.

Our Scope:
·         Spiritual
·         Emotional
·         Financial

Our Mission:
·         To reach, impart and impact as many young adult as we can through our platforms- 'that the anointing on them might grow them'(I John 2)

 Our Vision:
·        A World of healthy Young Christian ( Teenagers & Youths) that are growing and living their SEF (Spiritual, Emotional & Financial) to the apex(God's expectations of Mankind). 

To know more about us or join us read more on the Initiative page or make inquiries  at: project5000@clblogs.org  


Covenant of Life Academy with the acronym CLA. 

Currently the academy is not in operations but the scope of the Academy is Mentorship, Discipleship and Leadership.

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