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Good day blog family and Happy new month....
For everyone identifying with CL Blogs it's a month of Gifts! Mark the word: Gifts!!

Today we are making our debut post on TEL which is strictly powered by
CL Blogs.

After much deliberations over the weeks, reaching relationship experts because as a monthly publication we want it to be too loaded; so stressed that you must definitely be blessed.

Today, I am electronically bringing to you a friend of mine with strength in this field. I called it field..'smiling' His name Arowojobe Oluwatobi. He's a namesake and a friend, met him some six years back in a cyber-cafe  while battling with the admission portal of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta trying to perfect our admissions. So as not to bore you though its a post for the month, I have been inspired to title January's TEL:
Most of us have found ourselves in a relationship at one time or the other, planned or unplanned and most of us had been hurt by many of these relationships:
(a) Hurt by the ones we loved that failed us
(b) Hurt by ourselves for failing to read the signs, actions and reactions to us by the ones we thought loved us
(c)Hurt by our immaturity, unpreparedness, etc.

We have also at one stage or the other hurt noble souls that had the best of our interest at heart!!
Just like 'Power'; Love when not properly channeled too is lethal.- It kills emotionally (and without a balanced emotional life I can assure you a balanced spiritual life is far from it).

A lot of us had ignorantly destroyed the most beneficial moments of our lives thinking we took advantage of them because the gave their selves away to us but we took disadvantages instead because some of those beneficial moments could have led to fascinating futures!!
'The most mysterious and heaviest tragedy that could ever happen in one's lifetime is knowing the beginning of a true love and watch it come to an abrupt end just like every mother never prays for to witness the end of her child.'
A lot of us wish we could bring back the hand of time, some of us even made attempts reaching the so called then love of our lives, what a pity!!

God is not always interested in what you have lost but what is left in your hands!!
The quote; 'you don't know the value/ worth of a thing till you lose it' now seem so real to us.
If you have experienced this read his story with me and if you have not do read  and learn:
My Story My Pain! - Arowojobe Tobi.

I was like a man lost into a thick forest in the darkest time of the night when I took my pen and book to share this pain.
Like a confused man who took out a diamond amidst stone and threw into the sea until it dawn on him he had made the greatest mistake of the highest order!
Like a chick that ignorantly ran away from a caring mother to greedily toil the soil until it got trapped into the hand of the ugly hawk.
I was one among the luckiest men who fell in love and was loved back by an angel, a damsel, a sincere lover, a soul-mate, a lady of virtue, beauty and brain,
God-fearing woman, a wife material indeed....but i took advantage of my lucky fate.
I became a victim of the saying that
 'what comes easy is not best appreciated until we toil and labour for it'.
Her words is full of wisdom and so tender like an innocent young leaf just emerging from the mother plant, her voice is cool like a stream surrounded by trees blossoming with the beauty of its flowers,her beauty is so natural and void of artificial, her way of life is nothing to be compared with human but an angel in the garden of uniqueness, her heart is as pure as a saint sent from
heaven above, her touch is as soft as the meekness of a  dove, her tears is like a morning dew that touches the heart of every creature, her anger is void of temperament but full of emotions display and her smile calms anger just like the day Jesus spoke to the stormy sea.....YET, her man sees little about this promising lady and ignorantly set other things as his priorities.

Though, i am not a playboy nor a jilt butmy best was not enough.
She gives so much than she received....
The most mysterious and heaviest tragedy that could ever happen in one's lifetime is knowing the beginning of a true love and watch it come  to an
abrupt end just like every mother never pray to witness the end of her child.
I cursed the day telecommunication came to existence when my phone received her message
'we could be friends but its over'.
I thought I am a man until tears rolled down my cheek like a baby who couldn't help himself and my eyes became wide opened but its too late to bring back the hands of time and an imaginary board
stood in front of me with a caption written on it 'you might not know the worth until you lose it'.
Now i know that true love is beyond sex and pleasures..its really God's heart.

So to all lovers 'never let go a soul-mate, hold tight if you are lucky to find one!
What a story!!
Thank you Arowojobe Oluwatobi you for sharing your pain with us!

The truth is we all have made mistakes and by nature I have come to discover we will times without numbers try to justify ourselves with some so called motivational thoughts or statements:
1. If it's not for you it won't stay with you
2. What's mine can't pass me by
3. When a door closes, a better one opens
4. I am not at my bus-stop yet and many more.......

All these are the motivating excuses we give for our negligence, insecurities, immaturities, inferiority and all!!
I am not saying God can't save you from an harmful relationship with a zero future turnout neither am I saying destiny doesn't have its turn some times. 
All I'm saying is let us learn from our mistakes!! Let's reflect on our lives and Learn.

In a quest to make February 2016 a better one let's all ensure we are emotionally sensitive;
Do not kill your spirit man because of your uncontrolled emotions.
Let's avoid watering relationships not planted by God and remember you do not respond to all emotions/ feelings as the flesh is weak only the spirit quickens!(Matthew 26:4)

Do not venture into relationships without seeking his face; without thinking twice because not all ladies are for you- One life One woman!
Do not venture into relationships because you feel the urge/ need, this only leads to distortion of life and destiny!!

Finally, You are unique and God has a unique one for you- A spouse. Take your time to grow into him/her. Remember though it tarries, it will surely come to pass.(Habakkuk 2:3)
One of this days, I hope to share my saga also!!- Smiling'

Pray you a gifted February and do not forget to thank Him for January.

Oluwatobiloba Oshunbiyi,
Thee Emotional Life (TEL),
CL Blogs.

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