Transformation which is not conformity means our Uniformity with God(the person of the Christ) against all Odds – in quote ‘Vanity’!
Vanity comes from our desires for conformity, it is a display of that which is on our outside influencing our inside. Thus, a higher concentration of your outside to your inside.
A transformed life is a life influencing its world with value Added gifts (Transformational gifts). It has to do with your world solely and not you. 

Thus, Transformation is not Growth it is a mental activity powered/fueled by a spiritual supply.
Let me play with your mind a bit:
Transformational gifts mentally are gifts, but spiritually are grace!

As much as all of this have to deal with your world., Transformation is not conforming do not forget. It is not speaking as where you are but who you are!


Gift: Something acquired without compensation. A natural ability or quality. The act of giving.

Romans 12:3King James Version (KJV)

For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Apostle Paul in the verse above is saying: For I say through the grace given to me.  
This reveals to us a grace is given to everyone and of such grace is the transformational gift.

Grace is an access to the kingdom. It is relative to the dimension and the realities of the kingdom you operate.


As sudden as Transformation is, it starts with some little things. We all agreed from weeks of learning that Transformation is a sudden change, but a couple of person still believes it’s a sudden change that’s transcends us into some exposure to the supernatural, mysticism, spirituality and what have you. The truth we all do not want to hear is; Transformation is the Simplicity of Christianity. It's a change but a change is never transformation!!


I did discuss Transformation in the last Post without concluding it right? 
Here is a progress on the topic but if you missed out on the former check it here. 

Today we are going on a journey to define Transformation, and differentiate it from Reformation.


Transformation is the on-going theme at Covenant of Life and subject of discussions have been built around it in our fellowship and platforms since May 21 and trust it has been a nice time. 

In the month of May, we discussed the topic TRANSFORMATION and I personally gathered about 15 different interpretations and meanings of transformation from individuals’ contributions. I came to some logical conclusion from different ideologies which I will be discussing below. 
The Credit goes to all CLites out there, you the best!


Good day blog reader. Without taking much of your time i write you this article with a vital message conveying information about our April’s Holy Ghost Meeting taking place on the 16th of April(Easter Sunday). If you are within Lagos and Ogun State of Nigeria, this is a must not miss event for you.

I give you my word after the Holy-ghost meeting, I will be back with principle number 4. I hope you have been making good use of Principle 1 - 3?



If we are to bring back the glory, honour, respect and sacredness of the Church, we must start with Pastors. The condition of the Church today is a direct result of the quality of Pastors the Church has produced over the years. Every Sunday, tens of thousands of Pastors mount the pulpit to preach and talk to people. They have different motives, characters, habits and believe. They display various personality traits. While some are happy, others are hungry; while some are joyful, others are sad; while some are positive, others are negative; while some are honest, others are deceitful. While some are saints, others are chronic sinners and while some are real, others are fake and charlatan.

In my years of researching, teaching and interacting with Pastors, I have come to discover various kinds of Pastors. I hope Pastors will through this teaching discover who they really are, where they stand and reposition themselves.

The Place of Pastors (Jeremiah 3:15)

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