December Preparatory Messages are now available.
Do download the messages here.

It contains five messages from Young Ministers:

  • The Burden
  • The Vision
  • The Complaint
  • The Revival
  • Appraisal  ............... and our Giving in the Spirit(a short worship clip that will set your heart on fire). Download here. 


We Started out on the Journey 1, opening our eyes to facts like:-
  • Assignments are different from Journey
  • You began your journey already but might not have started
  • Man goes on a journey not You!
  • There are Men, some not in the image of God!!
You can get the Message Here. 

It surely will bless you. THE JOURNEY 1!


This mini e-book: The Meal for every Deal.
A compilation of blog posts of some four weeks here on CL Blogs from the Monday digest section.
This debut mini e-book promises to deal with your business life making you understand how your journey of financial freedom and growth should look like. It does no harm to download this wealth of wisdom processed into information for free.
Remember, no knowledge is lost; not even a knowledge of your personal finance in Christ Jesus. Want to have it? Click here.

E-book How do you amaze Jesus?
It is the compilation of some four week series of biblical expositions right here on CL Blogs.

Ever wondered If you can amaze Jesus?
OR you feel if Jesus be all-knowing how then can He be amazed.

This beautiful piece of information is for you. Get it free and see what we are enjoying here.


TIAG 1.0 (Maiden Edition) 2016

TIAG 1.0 was a success we bless God for that. To download audio sessions of the whole event in sections click here.

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